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Where Your Focus Goes, Energy Flows!

So many of us are spread so thin these days, it’s hard to get direction or momentum in any area of our lives. Adding the holidays to the mix can add to the overwhelm. A lot of us tend to let go of the things we’ve been working on and even the things that help us feel grounded.

Don’t let this time throw you off your foundation. The saying “where your focus goes, energy flows,” is so true. Stay guarded in where and to whom you let your energies go to this season. If you have been focusing on improving an area of your life, don’t let the holidays be an excuse for not looking out for what you need for YOU!

Here are some tips for navigating this time of year:

🎄Have a game plan. Know the dates and times for parties, school gatherings and obligations.

🎄 You want to continue working on self- improvement. Try focusing on improving one area of your life for a time instead of working on all of it. Maybe it’s your health, finances, relationships, etc. Just pick one that will give you the most joy to work on right now.

🎄Schedule quiet time for yourself. This can be spending time in nature, going for a walk or meditation. Try to do this daily!

🎄Go easy on yourself! The holidays are not a time for perfection nor a time for beating yourself up. Try to have as much fun as possible and look for the good.

It’s BIOHACKING 101! We Got This, Y’all!


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