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Nutrition Tuesday! 10.25.2022. Start Smaller!

Sometimes, we think something is BIG, but it is actually small.

A lot of people I come across see health, losing weight, having good habits as something really BIG!!! They have built up in their minds that to get to their ideal weight, they will have to make super human sacrifices on what and how much they eat. To wake up early and have a solid routine to set them up for success, they will have to give up comfort and become someone who is “disciplined”! Yuck! To start a daily walking routine, they might have to miss their daily dose of Housewives! Yuck! Yuck! And YUCK!

And, these things can sometimes feel HUGE, especially if you’ve been working all day or you’ve been couped up in the house with the kids. Sometimes, it just feels TOO BIG!!!

This is why we don’t make changes. We make health and habits TOO BIG!!!

The key is to think and start smaller. Yes, real change requires some effort and sacrifice. But, it will be much more enjoyable and longer-lasting if you start small and build as you go.

So, maybe this week, you will try to eat one meal a day a little healthier and with smaller portions. Maybe you’ll agree to get up 20 minutes earlier than normal to do some stretching or reading. Maybe you’ll make the agreement to walk for 30 and watch Housewives for 30. You can make your own rules! Make it fun and don’t be overwhelmed!

The goal is to make 1% improvement every day.👍


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