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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Welcome to Biohacker Mom. You have embarked on an incredible movement of empowerment within. This is the place to get the support you need as a mom to feel, look and be the best possible version of yourself and to help your children to do the same.

I am so happy you have found this page. Over the next few months, I have lined up some great information to share with you and I will be adding tons of content, tips, product recommendations as well as featuring interviews with top expert biohackers so you can learn all you can to break the cycles and habits that are preventing you from being your optimal best.

I know, I know, you are really busy and adding "something else" is too much to even think about. Well, before you go, I want you to know that I understand completely how you feel. I know what it is like to have things pop up in life that throw you off course. I understand the mom guilt when you are not used to making time for self-care. I can relate to how overwhelmed you can become just trying to make through challenging days and how easy it is to fall into depression. I also know some valuable biohacks you can do today that will start snapping you back to yourself just by changing small little things. Your children feed off of your energy, so everything I share here and on my social media you can do with your kids, so no more mom guilt. Instead of scheduling one more thing that takes time away from your kids, this is something that will encourage you to do together.

Biohacker Mom founder, Kelly Anderson welcomes you to the movement that is going to strengthen your mindset and motivate you and help you to be the greatest version of yourself.

We live in a world of convenience, but it has been seen that those same conveniences have driven us towards habits that are more harmful than good. They provide temporary enjoyment but over time what we put into our bodies will start to show up in the forms of slowing us down, our health will spiral, and when we can see the repercussions, it is too late. However, we can prevent so much illness in ourselves and in our children's future just by learning and implementing new habits for happiness, health and longevity.

We can heal ourselves from the inside out and we can do it much more effectively through the support you will receive as a Biohacker Mom.


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