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Mindset Monday! The start of the week is a great time to check your outlook and attitude and decide how you will show up as your best self for the week.


Take a moment and close your eyes. Try to notice the tone of your thoughts and emotions. Are you worried, frustrated, jubilant? Take a few deep breaths here and really get a handle on this.


Decide if your current thoughts and emotions are what you want to take with you the rest of the day and throughout the week. If the answer is NO, then….


Decide you are consciously going to discard those negative thoughts and emotions and move on to the NEXT ones which are more positive and will serve you better.

Start to get in the habit of saying “NEXT!” It really can be this easy! Life is full of choices and the way we think and feel is a choice as well- NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENING OUTSIDE OF YOU!

I hope this helps someone. It is a practice, so you may be doing this exercise a lot throughout the day and week and beyond. Over time, it is an exercise that can improve your life tremendously.

Have a great week everybody! WE GOT THIS!!!

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