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Movement Wednesday!

Ever wish you could move more like a dancer? ….to be fluid and graceful and more flexible? We all know as we age, we start to lose these things if we don’t keep working at them. Agility and balance can become real issues as well.

Start each day with some good stretching. Try to move your body in as many directions and positions as you can. Then, throughout the day, take breaks to move and stretch again.

Also, take time every day to balance on each leg. Have something to hold onto if necessary and someone to spot you if you don’t feel comfortable on your own. Circle ankles and wrists whenever you can and come up on your tippy toes.

If you would be interested in taking a class to work on these things, we offer zoom exercise training classes for Pilates Mat and Moderate Strength Training. Work from the comfort of your own home and start to improve your mobility, balance, flexibility, agility and strength!

It’s Kinda Important!

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