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Maybe Our Kids Are Here To Teach Us!

Mindset Monday!

For the most part, my daughter is the epitome of a good attitude. She is always up for anything, always eager to help others, always ready for the next game or challenge. (The only time she might get low is when she is hungry and tired- normal for most everyone.)

I hope she always keeps this attitude. We could all learn a little bit from our kids. They are resilient! They are silly! They are always looking for fun! If you have a child, children or grandchildren, take note! Maybe it’s their role to actually teach us! Maybe part of the reason they start out like they do is to remind us adults to be lighter, to live in laughter and to go with the flow more often. Basically, be more childlike.

I have work to do in this area, but I’m taking notes every time she’s around!

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